New Balance 1100 True Balance - Women's Shoes - Walking and Running

New Balance 1100 True Balance - Women's Shoes


New Balance 1100 True Balance breakthrough balance board technology offers stylish comfort with enhanced muscle toning and calorie burning while you walk. The lightweight, fashion-forward 1100 is the new pulse of the wellness movement; whether you lace them up because they look great or for the health benefit, you're in for a comfortable ride.
-TrueBalance balance board technology combines ultra light midsole cushioning with a 3/4-length TPU leaf spring system and a rounded blown rubber outsole, all working together to tone muscles and burn more calories
-Premium foam insert offers high density, open-cell foam to gently conform to the foot and disperse pressure
-Sueded Synthetic/Mesh upper
-Colors: grey
-For care questions call us at 1-800-906-4225

in-store: $110.00 online: $109.95
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