Walkin’ Boulder: Walk Where You Are

Walkin’ Boulder
By Sue Deans
The former editor of the Camera blogs about exploring Boulder on foot.

March 26, 2012

Last year when I was training for the Disneyland Half Marathon, I emphasized distance, walking 6 to 10 miles at a time, two or three days a week.

Although I am going to walk the race again in September, at this early date I’m doing shorter walks and walking more often. Since I get busy sometimes, I am trying to combine my exercise with whatever else I want or need to do.

Here are three examples from the past week:

I babysit for my grandson, 5-month-old Daric, one day a week while his mom goes to work. With the nice weather we’ve been having, I decided to take him out in his stroller for a walk, first time I’ve done that.


He and his family live in Arvada and have very nice bike/walkways nearby, so Daric and I went on a two-mile trek. Actually he didn’t walk, he rode, and in fact he slept most of the way. He’s a really active little guy so I was surprised he nodded off so quickly. I do remember from many years ago that taking a ride in the car or the stroller was usually a good way to get his dad to go to sleep. Next time I hope to take Daric over to the trail around Standley Lake nearby.


The next day, I took the bus from Boulder to the Market Street Station in Denver, connecting with the 16th Street Mall shuttle to the Civic Center Plaza. From there a five-block walk took me to my brother’s office near the State Capitol, and then after taking care of some family business we both went to meet my sister-in-law for lunch. After they went back to work, I had enough time before my bus to walk all the way back along 16th Street to the Market Street Station. Total for the trip: 3 miles, plus 1.5 miles round trip from my house to the Boulder bus station.



Then on Saturday I went with a friend to see the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It was awesome, with several hundred iconic outfits from the designer, who was noted for instilling menswear-type comfort in women’s clothing, with pantsuits, tunics, shifts and safari jackets, as well as multifunctional tuxedo outfits and glamorous ball gowns. Also included were a reproduction of St. Laurent’s office and many film clips of his designs.

Photo Credit: Yves St. Laurent short cocktail dress in the style of Piet Mondrian. Photo from Vintage Style Files, flicker.com

At the exhibit and a couple of other galleries we explored, we put in about 3 miles while listening to the museum’s recorded commentary.

Many people try the 10,000 steps a day regime, using a pedometer. When I was working at the Rocky Mountain News a dozen years ago, I spent a lot of time on my feet so I only needed about three more miles each day to reach that number, which I usually achieved by walking round-trip to a favorite Starbuck’s on Denver’s 16th Street Mall. The iPhone app I use now to calculate distance, Map My Walk, has a stride sensor, so I will try that on my next outing to see if I can track my steps as well as the miles.

You don’t really need to go on a special outing to get your daily steps in. Just walk where you are.

Walkin’ Boulder: Indian Spring?

Walkin’ Boulder
By Sue Deans
The former editor of the Camera blogs about exploring Boulder on foot.

March 13, 2012

This morning’s mild weather got me off my couch and onto the streets, walking again! The snow and/or wind have not made this winter conducive to walking. It’s about 50 when I leave the house and supposed to be in the mid-70s this afternoon.

I was arguing yesterday with my friend Richard, about whether it’s too early to plant flowers. Don’t do it, I said. But it’s warm out, he said. It’s going to be warm all week. Odd that after living here more than 40 years he still lets himself be fooled by the Colorado weather. For me it took only a couple of episodes of planting petunias, marigolds and other blooms in March or even April. It snowed, they froze. I learned my lesson. Richard chose to ignore my advice. But later he was brought up short by the clerk when he went to purchase the flowers, who told him they wouldn’t sell him any yet. It was too early. Ha ha.

I had an appointment at Arapahoe and Broadway this morning so I walked there, straight south on 13th Street, then back to Pearl and Spruce, then along Broadway and home. It was just two miles, but it felt great.

A few weeks ago I signed up again to do the Disneyland Half Marathon Labor Day weekend. Training for that was what got me started with this blog last year, but I didn’t begin until late July or August. Maybe this earlier start will help me improve my time this year.

At home I stopped to admire some crocuses in my front yard. The daffodils won’t be far behind if this warmth continues!