A Golf Shoe With Street Style

Golfers across the world have seen (and maybe even donned) some interesting fashions over the years ranging from the utterly over-the-top to the outrageously fabulous. Can you say sweater vests, pop-pom berets, and checked wool capri pants? While the eye-catching taste of golf fashion has faded over time (save for the occasional costume), a more street-ready style for golfers has emerged on the scene. Enter Ecco. With an impressive repertoire of classic golf shoes, Ecco has created the new look of golf ready for the streets, the green, and everything in between. Meet the Golf Street from Ecco.
Ecco has been providing its timeless Scandinavian style for 40 years, always looking for the next improvement in comfort. Founded by a man fed up with ill-fitting shoes, Ecco now focuses their shoe design to eliminate the painful idea that a foot must conform to its shoe. Ecco specializes in making your feet look and feel good whether you’re navigating the green, taking a business lunch or both.

The Golf Street, while newer to Ecco’s collection of comfy, well-designed shoes, follows in the footsteps of the company’s mission to make shoes that fit, work and look good simultaneously. Those of us that have tried to find these three things in a shoe know it is no easy task; and those of us that have tried to find these things in a sport-specific shoe know it can be a less-than-appealing mission. Thankfully, the Golf Street shoe is here. The clear, gum-rubber outsole provides traction on the fairway through your swing and swagger. Inside the shoe, the Cambrelle liner works to wick away moisture and prevent abrasions, keeping your feet dry and ready to move. Ecco’s comfort fiber system works to promote air circulation in the shoe so you can stay cool on even the hottest days.

However, this birdie-enhancing technology is just one part of the equation. For women, finish off your khaki and polo golf attire with the eye-catching, color-popping leathers and laces of the Golf Street. Every shoe comes with two color-coordinated laces for the choosy, and the colors are unique and playful. For men, the Golf Street Premiere is designed in more neutral colors, with its distinct style emerging in the flair of the young, retro design.

If you seek comfortable shoes for 18 holes and a round of Arnold Palmers look no further than the Golf Street from Ecco. With impeccable street-to-green styling and performance enhancing technologies, walk all day downtown and all 18 holes in comfort and style by Ecco.