Shoe Review: Teva Churn for Travel

Say hello to the Teva Churn.

Mens Teva Churn
While Churn may look like just your average, every day sneaker, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The comfy Churn shoe for women and men is ready for action on all your travel adventures this summer weather you’re rafting the Colorado River, gallavanting about Costa Rica or spending the weekend car camping.

The first thing you might notice about the Churn is all that mesh. What is all that mesh doing there? The clever designers over at Teva use this for breathability on land, draining squelchy water from your shoes and getting your toes dry as fast as the can. Bonus! This mesh actually keeps sand from entering your shoe. Mud puddles on the other hand, you might need to watch out for.

For the airport savy, you’ll want to take note of the unique transtioning feature of the Churn. In one quick swoop of the heel you go from full-coverage sneaker to easy on/off slide. Delight as you glide past security and those stuggling to put on their shoes while deperately clinging to their jacket, bag, laptop, bag of liquids and whatever else overpackers feel the need to have with them. Revel in its compact, lightweight easy-to-pack form, should you opt for a dressier look while traveling.

Not to be forgotten, the sole of this shoe stands out on a variety of surfaces. While not recommended for heavy hiking, this is a great light trekking shoe for walking cobblestones or jungle trails. Should you run into a stream crossing, beckoning lake, or the occasional deep puddle, don’t fret about traction; The Churn sticks like glue to wet rocks.

If you’re looking for comfortable shoes to get you around the world or your own backyard this summer, look no further than the Teva Churn.

Bolder Boulder

The 33rd Memorial Day 10K Bolder Boulder is fast approaching! You have exactly one week to prep for the festiviteis on May 30th. While for some that might mean building/sewing/shopping for a costume, others might want to think about buying and breaking in some new shoes especially for the bid day.

The Newbalance MR770 Light Stability trainer for men and women provides support and security in a lightweight, airy package. It features ABZORB technology for impact resistance and a medium arch to accomodate a wide range of foot types. Remove the footbed and add your Superfeet for a custom fit. Know the freedom of not having to focus on your feet as you race through Boulder!

Barefoot Runners
For those who want to free themselves from the chunk, you’ll want to try the popular Vibram Bikila LS or the Merrell Trail Glove, depending on your style. Both free you from the bonds of cushion and padding to allow a down-to-earth, life changing experience with running. For women, see the Vibram Bikila LS (pictured above) and the Merrell Pace Glove. Start training now – you’ll only be able to run one or two miles at first in these minimalist shoes!

For female walkers, your best option is the running-inspired walking shoe, the Walking Fitness, from New Balance. Flexibility, support, and comfort combine in this running-style shoe to stabilize the foot and help you walk with less fatigue. For men, try the Saucony Grid 3. Stable yet light, this trainer might even inspire a casual trot to the finish line…if your costume allows it, that is.

Bolder Boulder is the perfect race to see what a new pair of shoes can do for your walking or running (or dance-walking, or skipping)! Find running/walking shoes now and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!