Blundstone Clogs

Blundstone Clogs are here at the Pedestrian Shops!
We have sold Blundstones for many years now, but really only in their classic boot styles. The Blundstone boot, or “Blunnie” has always been kind of a cult classic in the work-boot world – and a staple of our store and website.
I guess it never occurred to us that they would do much different than the tried and true boot. But, now that they have created the Blundstone Clog – it seems like a perfect fit, and addition to our store offerings.
The Blundstone Clog is a convertible version of our classic 500 series boot and offers the same durability and classic comfort that Blundstone is known for with their boots. And you wouldn’t think it to look at them, but these clogs are lightweight too! Some of the other features of the Blundstone Clog include:

- Direct injected dual polyurethane outsole
- SPS in the heel
- Industrial strenght liner
- Waterproof leather

You can purchase this fabulous clog in our store on Pearl Street, or from our website!
Blundstone Clog