Bolder Boulder allows Ipods

Well, the Bolder Boulder is upon us again – the 31st annual if you can believe that! It is an exciting year for the Pedestrian Shops too – we are, for the first time, carrying running shoes in our store (we have mentioned that in a previous blog).

It is also an exciting year, as the Bolder Boulder are now going to allow Ipods and other musical devices. I think this is great news for many runners, as Ipods and music help pass the time, and help to establish a running rhythm. Personally, I don’t think I would rack up as many miles as I do every week if I couldn’t listen to music.

We hope everyone has a great race, and we also hope you will stop by the Pedestrian Shops before or after the big event!

If you just got into town, and realized that you forgot your running shoes, you might want to check out our Saucony and New Balance pages. We carry some great styles and we can accommodate just about any foot and size!