Ugg Classic Short Boots

We’ve been on a bit of a kick lately about our UGG Boots. As this blog post is being written, it is cold and windy outside, and the forecast is for snow. The mountains above Boulder have those wispy looking clouds that scream “winter is on the way.”
Many people around here are getting excited for ski season as well. Some of the mountains are already open, and many are pumping out the man-made snow to get a jump on things.
So what are you going to wear on your feet this winter after you are done shredding the slopes? Or, what is the best boot for you when you brave the elements to do your Christmas shopping? Naturally, being a shoe store, we have a favorite pick (well, one of our many favorites): It’s the Ugg Classic Short.
One of the reasons that we like this boot is that it just looks warm and cozy. You can’t help but to want to try a pair on as soon as you see them. And they are exactly that – warm and toasty since they are made out of lavish twin-faced sheepskin. The genuine sheepskin sock wicks moisture away, and the flexible, lightweight molded EVA outsole can handle the walk down Bridge Street in Vail while the snow is flying.
These boots are also easy to slip on and off, and are a great choice for when you are doing your Christmas shopping this year. They’ll keep your feet cozy and toasty while you wait in those long lines at Target or Best Buy to get that super pre-holiday sale price!
The Pedestrian Shops carries most of the classic Ugg’s in both the short and tall versions. The make a great gift to yourself this holiday and ski season, or a great gift for a loved one.
Ugg Classic Short Boots


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Why are Ugg Boots so hot?

Have you ever wondered how some people can get away with wearing anything, and pull it off somehow without getting laughed out of town? Then, do you wonder who started this particular fashion trend that would gather crowds in any circus? Well, we may have found the answer…at least when it comes to UGG Boots.
If you haven’t ever seen them, UGG’s are sheepskin boots that come in short, or tall versions. They kind of have a ‘status symbol’ effect going, especially when it comes to movie stars. You’ll see the top of the “paparazzi food chain” wearing them with just about anything – shorts, cutoffs, mini skirts, muscle shirts, or even swimsuits and bikinis.
Just as Oprah can do by just declaring something “hot” or “in” – there are many other stars that can be considered fashion trendsetter elite. When it comes to UGG’s, there is no more impressive iconic figure than miss Pamela Anderson. With a casual trot across the sand in her skimpy red lifeguard duds, Pam single-handedly declared that wearing UGG’s to the beach in your teeniest of bikinis is not just cutting-edge fashion….it’s art!
Ugg Boots are HOT!