Pedestrian Shops Fall Shoes

It is that time of year again here in Boulder – the leaves are starting to change, and the mountains have this greenish/yellow look to them. The air is a lot more crisp, and you’ll even see a jacket being worn here and there. Fall is here!
This is an exciting time for us here at the Pedestrian Shops as well – It means that our Fall 2008 footwear is in stock, and available for purchase in either of our 2 stores in Boulder (Pearl Street or Arapahoe) or on our newly-redesigned website!
We now have a great selection of Ugg Boots, Dansko Clogs, Ulu and a great selection of Crocs, Merrell, Keen and more! We also have toasty slippers and slipper socks by Acorn!
We hope to see you in our store soon, and we encourage you to take a look through our new site!

Dansko Professional Clogs

I am an ex- restaurant worker – I have waited tables for years, and then went into restaurant management. Anyone who has worked in this industry will tell you that in terms of your wardrobe – your shoes are the most important item – period. Shoes will make or break you in the foodservice industry (and I imagine any industry where you are on your feet all day – nurses, retail workers, etc.)
A lot of people nowadays are opting for the softer shoes, like Crocs, for their work. That’s great, but for me, I needed something with more support, and something that frankly looked a little more formal than a pair of rubbery looking shoes. I finally found the Dansko Professional late in my “career” as a restaurant manager, and my feet were never happier, and my whole body felt better at the end of the day. The support of Danskos, especially the Dansko Professional model is superb, and I also liked that they are slip-on, slip-off. They look good with khakis or any basic “waitstaff” uniform, but also look good if you have to dress up a bit.
The Pedestrian Shops has carried the Dansko line for longer than I can remember. I think this is one of the styles we are know for, and we always have a superb collection and ample stock in any size. For anyone on their feet all day, the Dansko brand may be the perfect shoe for you.