Boulder Merchant Takes Action Against Pollution

In an effort to demonstrate how businesses can contribute to the solution of a community wide problem, The Pedestrian Shops in Boulder is conducting the “Show Some Sole” antipollution campaign. The campaign is occuring during the months of April and May, and is designed to encourage Denver/Boulder residents to walk instead of drive, thus, cutting down on the Metro’s number one polluter…the automobile.

The Pedestrian Shops, which carries a wide range of shoes and other “Pedestrian Paraphanalia,” is offering a number of special prizes to be given away at a May 20th Grand Prize Drawing, as well as storewide discounts as incentives for Denver/Boulder residents to get involved in the “Show Some Sole” program.

In order to qualify for the grand prizes and discounts participants need only pick up a “Pedestrian Sole Card” and fill in the ten blanks with the dates, destinations, and distances of ten places to which they walk during the campaign period, however, no purchase is necessary.

“We feel that the time has come for members of the business community to take a more socially responsible role by providing programs like “Show Some Sole” which directly contribute to solving problems like pollution,” Richard Polk, Pedestrian Corporation, President Said.”

The Pedestrian Shops is a unique shop concept, catering to the needs of America’s walking public.