Comfortable Shoes Make For Happy Feet!

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause more than just sore feet, it can actually lead to significant pain, and time off from your favorite activities. At Pedestrian Shops, we understand that you can’t walk around with pillows on your feet to protect them, but you can wear comfortable shoes that still look good. This fall, you can employ a few tips to find footwear that will keep both your toes and your sense of style happy.

Finding The Right Fit

While super-high heels and pointy-toed shoes are fashionable, but they are less than ideal when it comes to the health of your feet. A majority of foot problems can be traced to poorly fitting shoes. Blisters, bunions, corns, and even ingrown toenails are often the result of shoes that are too small or too narrow, which is why getting a good fit is imperative.

To find shoes that fit properly, follow these key guidelines, or have one of our friendly associates assist you:

  • There should be up to half of an inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Shoes should not slide up or down on your heel as you walk; this is a sign that the shoe is too big.
  • Look for womens shoes that use a soft and flexible material on the upper areas. Materials like leather can reduce any skin irritations.
  • Avoid shoes with a toe box that is extremely narrow and pinches your toes together.

Most importantly, take the shoes for a walk when you are considering purchasing them. The balls of your feet should fit nicely into the widest part of the shoe. If the fit is not right, do not hesitate to ask for a different size or style.

The Right Style To Match

As cooler weather approaches, many people will be reaching for closed-toe boots and shoes to keep their toes cozy. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the cute styles of summer shoes just because Mother Nature is turning down the temperature, however, and Pedestrian Shops is here to help! No-heel, mid-heel, and even comfortable high-heel options are available for those looking for the perfect winter-weather wear.

As you revamp your winter wardrobe, be sure to visit Pedestrian Shops to find the perfect footwear pairing that matches your style and protects your feet from the icy chill!

Find Your Fit Today

Our team at Pedestrian Shops is committed to helping customers find comfortable and stylish shoes this fall. To find your fit, please visit us at one of our two locations, or call us at (800) 906-4225.

Join our Team… We’re Hiring!

We are seeking an experienced, responsible salesperson who enjoys working with people and being part of a team. This position will include assisting customers, ringing up sales, stock work, light cleaning, and merchandising.

The ideal candidate will:
-Have retail sales experience (shoe sales experience preferred)
-Have flexible availability and be available for 3-5 full (eight hour) shifts per week
-Be friendly, hardworking, and courteous

This is not a temporary or seasonal position.

We start at $9 per hour plus commission, DOE.

To apply, please email your resume and brief cover letter to or stop by our Downtown location and fill out an application.

Earth Day Bike Ride

The good folks at Community Cycles led an awesome Earth Day bike ride yesterday. They met up at our Pearl St. store, rode up Boulder Canyon a bit, then headed the the Bohemian Biergarten for refreshments after. As if that weren’t a great enough way to celebrate Earth Day, Patagonia Footwear was nice enough to supply the participants with free Kleen Kanteens!

Here’s the crew before their ride:
Community Cycles Earth Day Bike Ride

Pedestrian Shops and Patagonia Footwear Team Up to Support Boulder’s Community Cycles

Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

Community Cycles gets $20 for each pair of Patagonia shoes purchased from the Pedestrian Shops between June 20 and July 6. The partnership is part of Patagonia Footwear’s Advocate Weeks initiative, which helps retailers promote local conservation efforts.
Other events planned for Advocate Weeks in Boulder include:

Community members can enter a design contest to create a window display for the Pedestrian Shops on the Pearl Street Mall with the theme, “Why Bikes Make Boulder a Better Place.” The winner will go home with two free pairs of Patagonia shoes. Contestants should email a sketch and brief description of their design to Volunteer(at)communitycycles(dot)com no later than May 20. The window will be installed in the first week of June and be displayed until the second week of July. Community Cycles will provide recycled bike parts to be used in the display.

On April 22, Community Cycles will host a Family Bike Ride, leaving from the Pedestrian Shops at 1425 Pearl St. The ride starts promptly at 5:30 pm and will explore the Boulder Creek Path. Patagonia Footwear will provide Kean Kanteen water bottles and organic cotton bags for the first 20 riders.

On July 2 a “Bikes and Beers” bike clinic will take place at the Pedestrian Shops on Pearl Street. Volunteers from Community Cycles will teach basic bike maintenance and answer questions. Beer will be provided by Tommyknocker Brewery from Idaho Springs, and reusable aluminum pint glasses by Patagonia.

Pedestrian and Patagonia partnered with the Center for Resource Conservation, the Scrap Sisters and Casey Middle School students in 2012 and with Growing Gardens in 2013.

Pedestrian chose Community Cycles this year because it promotes bicycles as affordable, viable and sustainable transportation that supports healthy and active lifestyles, said Pedestrian founder Richard Polk.

Community Cycles collects, repairs and redistributes “waste” bicycles at its nonprofit bike shop and provides space for classes and workshops on bicycle care, repair, safe cycling and bike community. They help create 250 new bike commuters each year though the Earn-A-Bike program, reaching low-income individuals, and sponsor a Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway for 250 low-income kids and families.

Community Cycles recycles more than 2,500 bikes a year. Their Advocacy Committee works with local decision-makers to create safe, accessible walking and biking infrastructure throughout Boulder.

Pedestrian is also now conducting its 51st Shoe Drive to collect slightly used shoes for local assistance organizations, the drive continues through May 5 and while a purchase is not required shoe donors are offered a 10% discount on a new shoe purchase.
The Pedestrian Shops is a locally owned family business founded in 1969 operating two Boulder stores, as well as the website The Pedestrian Shops sell the world’s most comfortable brands of shoes and encourage their customers to enjoy life and take a walk — or a bike ride!

The Pedestrian Shops are located at 1425 Pearl on Boulder’s Downtown Mall and In the Village Shopping center, Facing Folsom between Arapahoe and Canyon, Boulder, Colorado.

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